Chapter President Jessieca Sepulveda
Chapter President Jessieca Sepulveda
Jessieca became a survivor on July 19, 2004 when her father, Ramon A. Sepulveda Rosado died of injuries he sustained 2 days earlier when his department motorcycle was struck by another vehicle.  Officer Sepulveda-Rosado was assigned to escorts duty with several other officers.  He entered an intersection to stop traffic and was struck by a vehicle that failed to stop at a stop sign.  He was thrown to the ground resulting in severe head injuries.  Sepulveda-Rosado had served with the Carolina Municipal Police Department in Puerto Rico for 13 years.  He is survived by his six kids and family that have never forgotten him. Jessieca is very excited and honored to serve as our chapter president.  Her email is
Chapter Vice President  Pamela Martyna
Chapter Vice President Pamela Martyna

"I became a survivor at 1:30 AM November 16, 2008. My husband Lieutenant Joseph Martyna with Florida Fish and wildlife had been on numerous details starting in the afternoon. The last detail of his day was doing a search and rescue in the Everglades. The weather had turned south, his flight hours were up and they were having to call the search.
Joe made it home and when he walked in the door he told me that when they punched out of the weather, God had a magnificent paintbrush. He was tired and hungry, and still on his phone making arrangements to commence the search at first light. That’s when his light went out. Joe died of a massive heart attack."
Pamela has been a member of our chapter for several years and proudly serves as our chapter vice president.  

Chapter Treasurer    Terry F Miyares
Chapter Treasurer Terry F Miyares
Chapter Secretary,    Sandra Rodriguez
Chapter Secretary, Sandra Rodriguez

Sandra Rodriguez became a survivor on November 6, 1986 when her brother in law, Emilio F. Miyares, of the Hialeah Police Dept, was shot and killed in the line of duty.  Since then Sandra has been involved with the South Florida Chapter of COPS not only for herself but first and foremost for her newly widowed sister, Terry.  She has held several positions in the Chapter including Secretary and Vice President.  Sandra is very grateful for the support that she and her family have received from COPS and by being involved helps her support other survivors.  Sandra was married to her late husband, Jorge Rodriguez, they have two sons Armando and Arturo, three grandsons and two granddaughters, all of whom participate in COPS in some form or another.  Sandra is our chapter secretary.
Debbie Geary, Chapter Advisor
Debbie Geary, Chapter Advisor
As a survivor, Debbie Geary of Cooper City, FL, can relate closely to survivors at the grass-roots level. She served as COPS ninth National President from May 16, 1998, through May 16, 2000. Debbie became a survivor on November 28, 1988, when her husband, David Strzalkowski of the Metro Dade (FL) Police Department died in the line of duty in an incident that also claimed the life of Metro Dade Officer Richard Boles. Debbie has served as the Gulf Region Trustee, the National Training Committee Chairperson, and president of the South Florida COPS Chapter and is one of COPS certified instructors. Contact Debbie Geary at
Terry Miyares, Chapter Advisor
Terry Miyares, Chapter Advisor

Terry Miyares became a survivor on November 6, 1986 when husband Emilio F. Miyares, of the Hialeah Police Dept, was shot and killed in the line of duty leaving her with 2 young children, Emilio Jr, and Jessica.  Since joining COPS, Terry has served as National Gulf Region Trustee, Treasurer for the South Florida Chapter of COPS, and a main contact for survivors in Puerto Rico.
In the years following her husband's death, Terry has found the love and support of her husband, Carlos, and the continued support from her now grown children, Emilio, his wife Terry and their 3 daughters, Tiffany, Emma, and Emily and Jessica, her husband Javier and their 4 sons Javier, Jonathan, Jovanni, and Joshua.
She is always eager to help anyone that she can. 
Anyone wishing to contact Terry, can email her at

Kathy Williams  Media Specialist/Trustee
Kathy Williams Media Specialist/Trustee

Kathy Williams  is a retired 911 calltaker from the City of Hialeah Police Dept.  She retired in 2007 after 25 years of service.  Kathy has lost friends/co-workers in the line of duty & continues to love the police life.  She serves as the chapters West Coast Trustee, attending  as many events as she can as well as catering to any survivors, old and new for the chapter's west coast area where she now resides. As our Media Specialist, she maintains the website and Facebook page.  She hopes that these social media venues can be used as tools of comfort!  After all, its really for you!  Assistance of any kind is literally only a few strokes away.
Should anyone find any errors, problems, or any issues with the site, feel free to contact her at